ANANTRA™ Rapid contains an enhanced formula comprising increased quantities of natural stimulants.
The product is designed to help elicit a strong sexual promoting effect prior to sexual intercourse.

> Elicits strong sexual promoting effect
> Improves erectile function

ANANTRA™ Rapid box contains 2 film-coated tablets of 600 mg.







ANANTRA™ Extended is particularly suitable for long-term administration.

The product is designed to promote male sexual function while contributing to an overall feeling of well-being.

ANANTRA™ Extended ingredients are suited to maintain normal blood testosterone levels, promote spermatogenesis and contribute to male fertility and reproduction.

> Promotes long-term healthy male sexual function
> Maintains normal blood testosterone levels
> Promotes spermatogenesis
> Contributes to male fertility and reproduction

ANANTRA™ Extended box contains 28 film-coated tablets of 500 mg.