FAQ Female

What is the difference between ANANTRA™ Female and ANANTRA™ Male?

Both ANANTRA™ Female and ANANTRA™ Male contain mixes of natural herbal stimulants and well-being promoting ingredients. Although some of the ingredients are common (e.g. Maca, Tongkat ali, arginine, green tea etc), their relative quantities are not identical in each product. Moreover, ANANTRA™ Female includes multiple herbal stimulants with optimal action on women’s physiology. Similarly, ANANTRA™ Male contains male-specific stimulants. Consequently, each product contains an optimized formula tailored to the needs of each population.

Does ANANTRA™ Female contain chemical additives?

ANANTRA™ Female does not contain any kind of chemical additives. The active ingredients originate from plants that are grown in a natural way and are harvested at the optimal time of flowering (genetically modified plants are not used).

Is ANANTRA™ Female efficacious?

ANANTRA™ Female contains natural herbal, non-pharmaceutical) ingredients which have been used in the traditional Chinese, Indian (Ayurvedic) and South American medicine for more than 2.000 years. Importantly, a series of scientific publications and clinical trials support the use of ANANTRA™’s Female herbal ingredients as natural non-pharmaceutical alternatives in the improvement of sexual desire and the promotion of well-being.

Are there any contra-indications? What kind of side effects does ANANTRA™ have?

Provided that the posology and dosage of ANANTRA™ Female is respected, the product is safe and there are no known safety concerns.

Can I get an allergic reaction to ANANTRA™’s Female ingredients?

ANANTRA™ Female does not contain any known allergens. However, it is impossible to predict whether an individual is allergic or not to one of its ingredients.

Do I need to consult with my physician before I take ANANTRA™ Female?

If you have cardiovascular problems or are on prescription medication for severe conditions (e.g. pulmonary arterial hypertension), you should first consult with a specialist doctor before taking ANANTRA™ Female.

Can ANANTRA™ Female be taken at the same time with other prescribed products? Will its use interfere with the action of other medicaments?

There is no evidence for interference with other products, except for prescribed medication used concomitantly against menopause symptoms or pulmonary arterial hypertension. Please consult with a specialist doctor before taking ANANTRA™ Female in case you are prescribed and are currently using other medicaments.

Where is ANANTRA™ Female manufactured? Is its quality guaranteed?

ANANTRA™ Female is manufactured in the UK under strict quality control. The factory is approved for Good Manufacturing Practice (i.e. for pharmaceutical, utmost-quality grade production) by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) of the United Kingdom. Moreover, the factory is certified for ISO 9001:2008.

Lots of natural products claim to have similar properties to ANANTRA™ Female. Why is ANANTRA™ Female different?

Supreme production quality and quality control is the key for a successful product. ANANTRA™ Female is manufactured under pharmaceutical-grade quality control. Thus, the purity, efficacy and safety of the ANANTRA™ Female formulation is guaranteed at all times. This sets ANANTRA™ Female apart from any competitor product.

Is this product exclusively for female consumers?

Yes, the formula has been specifically developed for the female population.

Where can I buy the product?

ANANTRA™ Female is available at selected pharmacies throughout the country. No medical prescription is needed. In case of additional information, please contact us at info@aniva-int.com.