ANANTRA™ is a complete range of Food Supplement products for Men and the Women developed by Aniva International in cooperation with a leading R&D laboratory in Switzerland as a natural alternative to improve Male and Female Sexual Dysfunction respectively.

All plant ingredients used in ANANTRA™ are natural, do not contain chemical additives or genetically modified organisms and have a favorable safety profile supported by long-term traditional use and published clinical studies.

Importantly, a series of scientific publications and clinical trials support the use of ANANTRA™’s herbal ingredients as natural alternatives in the improvement of sexual desire and in the promotion of well-being.

ANANTRA™ formulas are 100% natural. No medical prescription is needed.

ANANTRA™ is manufactured in the UK under strict pharmaceutical-grade quality control which ensures:

  • the product’s high quality and consistency
  • absence of unwanted side-effects



Several medicines have been approved worldwide to treat erectile dysfunction (e.g. sildenafil, tandanafil, etc.). These drugs work mainly by increasing blood flow in the penis, ultimately leading to sufficient erection. The medical relevance and utility of drugs prescribed in the treatment of erectile dysfunction is beyond any doubt. However, some men are reluctant to use such medicines.

This may be because they do not feel that their condition is serious enough to justify medical attention or due to inability to take any of the aforementioned medicines. Alternatively, they may not wish to undergo the medical visit-prescription-reimbursement cycle. Finally, and perhaps even more importantly, these men would rather use more natural products instead of medicines.

ANANTRA™ is an effective dietary supplement containing a unique mixture of natural stimulants of male sexual function and a battery of vitamins, trace metals and amino acids, known to increase the vitality and “well-being” of the consumer. The natural herbal (i.e. non-pharmaceutical) ingredients contained in ANANTRA™ have been used in the traditional Chinese and Indian (Ayurvedic) medicine for more than 2.000 years.



Female sexual dysfunction is a growing concern in sexually active females both before and after menopause due to various physiologic and psychologic parameters. Several pharmaceutical treatments are currently being used for this condition, namely hormone therapy, anti-depressants and other drugs. Although these drugs have a clear clinical utility and improve disease symptoms, they frequently induce side effects and result in low patient compliance.

Recent scientific evidence point to beneficial properties of several plant-based extracts and other ingredients in dealing with female sexual dysfunction. Coupled with traditional use spanning several millennia, herbal ingredients offer a natural alternative to medicated drugs in population sub-segments willing to deal with their problems in a natural manner. Alternatively, patients want to avoid undergoing the medical visit-prescription reimbursement cycle, especially if their condition is less severe or when their general health status is reasonably good. Based on these properties, herbal based extracts and ingredients constitute a valid treatment option in cases of reduced sexual desire in female populations.